Racism Permeates St. Louis

Why St. Louis Is Ground Zero For Protesting Police Brutality & Systemic Racism

While St. Louisans are aware of the protests that are ongoing, apparently that there are many people around the nation, and the world, who have no idea what is happening here. Unfortunately, to the general population, protesters are just impeding traffic and getting in the way of things. Residents ignore the actual message that the police must stop killing citizens. The current protests were sparked by the wrongful acquittal of white police officer Jason Stockley, who killed Anthony Lamar Smith, a black man. However, this is just the latest indication of ongoing problems in St. Louis: white cops’ unpunished murders of black people who did nothing to warrant a death sentence. This permissiveness is part of the pattern of systematic racism and oppression that continues to pervade — or rather epitomize — the city’s culture.

Unfortunately, the nation only sees news reports of the initial vandalism by a handful of people, as well as continued unwarranted mass arrests. This portrays a negative view of the protests, undermining the message. However, without sensationalism, mainstream news ignores protests completely. This author’s aim was a short article discussing the root cause of the ongoing protests, being the underlying problem of racism within both the police department and the city overall. However, the need of thorough explanation has usurped brevity to describe the results of over a century and a half of chronic racism at every level. Read more “Racism Permeates St. Louis”

#RoastAManno ep. 2: 0311 Tactical Solutions Isn’t a Solo Venture

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Captain Mike Deeba co-owns 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC

In our previous post, we talked about St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s severe conflict of interest. They employ their own #RiotKing Sergeant Brian Rossomanno’s national security contracting firm, 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC to train their officers in military tactical combat skills. According to 0311’s poorly redacted website, the police department made it mandatory for all SLMPD employees to receive 0311’s training. While we know the cronyism is strong behind that thin blue line, it’s difficult as an outsider to dig into how deep that rabbit hole goes, even with being fairly adept in researching. But fear not, our cleverness, with patience and diligence, has indeed paid off. Read more “#RoastAManno ep. 2: 0311 Tactical Solutions Isn’t a Solo Venture”

#RoastAManno ep. 1: St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Conflict of Interest

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant Brian Rossomanno lines his pockets with city budget

Finally St. Louis residents are being made aware of Sgt. Brian Rossomanno’s national security contracting business, 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC. His private company is contracted to train the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in military tactics. Beyond this being a glaring conflict of interest, it is very telling of the type of training the police receive to use against residents. We have seen, day after day, heavily armored police attacking non-violent protesters, nearly always without provocation. And of course, leading his army of tactically trained police, is the self-proclaimed #RiotKing Sgt. Rossomanno himself. Rossamanno is the head of St Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s civil disobedience team. He makes the call to brutally attack non-violent protesters with chemical munitions, as well as using illegal maneuvers such as kettling.

In STLToday’s article that brought this subject to light, they reported:

Rossomanno declined to be interviewed for this story. In an email on Friday, he said that 0311 Tactical did not bid on contracts from the St. Louis police because it would be an obvious conflict of interest. Later that day, his company’s website was edited to delete the St. Louis police department and its SWAT team as clients.

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