Racism Permeates St. Louis

Why St. Louis Is Ground Zero For Protesting Police Brutality & Systemic Racism

While St. Louisans are aware of the protests that are ongoing, apparently that there are many people around the nation, and the world, who have no idea what is happening here. Unfortunately, to the general population, protesters are just impeding traffic and getting in the way of things. Residents ignore the actual message that the police must stop killing citizens. The current protests were sparked by the wrongful acquittal of white police officer Jason Stockley, who killed Anthony Lamar Smith, a black man. However, this is just the latest indication of ongoing problems in St. Louis: white cops’ unpunished murders of black people who did nothing to warrant a death sentence. This permissiveness is part of the pattern of systematic racism and oppression that continues to pervade — or rather epitomize — the city’s culture.

Unfortunately, the nation only sees news reports of the initial vandalism by a handful of people, as well as continued unwarranted mass arrests. This portrays a negative view of the protests, undermining the message. However, without sensationalism, mainstream news ignores protests completely. This author’s aim was a short article discussing the root cause of the ongoing protests, being the underlying problem of racism within both the police department and the city overall. However, the need of thorough explanation has usurped brevity to describe the results of over a century and a half of chronic racism at every level. Read more “Racism Permeates St. Louis”